Thursday, October 24, 2013

I've Gotta Tell You About Tonight!

So I was supposed to run three miles for half marathon training, right? I went out to do it and in about two miles felt miserable. I had tired legs, achy ankles and shins (not shin splints, really) and even my hip joints were sore. I pushed through to three miles and didn't feel much better. This pissed me off. I can normally run six with little trouble. I decided I was going to run four because I heard somewhere that pushing through the difficulty would "train your body" in how to handle running while so worn out. I got to four and still didn't feel any better. How annoying. Oh no. I was doing six. Six I did. Then seven. Then eight.

Did I feel better? A bit. I haven't run 8 miles since last winter. As mentioned before, I did 11 miles once before, and seven, eight, nine, a few times each. I'm happy now that I pushed through it, but at the time it totally sucked.

But this isn't what I really wanted to tell you about. I'm in a group called Friends4Miles on Facebook. I posted today that I'm looking for motivation and an accountability partner. I got two responses: Emily at The Salty Pretzel and Tracy from In Sole Motion! Isn't that awesome? But it gets even more awesome..

We all traded numbers. Emily texted right away and I mentioned that Little Rock is my first half marathon.. Guess what? It's hers too! And then she tells me she's then running the St. Louis marathon the following month, which I'm running (the half) for Stray Rescue! Really! This is SO awesome! TWO accountability partners, and a new friend for TWO races! I'm stoked, to say the least.

Go visit my new friends and tell them I sent you!

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