Tuesday, October 29, 2013

“It's a Helluva Start, Being Able to Recognize What Makes You Happy."

- Lucille Ball - 

My Mommy Dearest comes over on her lunch break this afternoon carrying a box and saying to me, "you've got to see this." My first words upon seeing the box were, "Goddamnit Mom!" knowing full well there was a living creature in that box. My Mom knows I'm a pushover. She says, "I asked them if I could bring her back if you don't want her." Uh. Huh. As if. Mommy Dearest knows this, too.

I open the box. It's a baby hairless rat. Not just a baby hairless rat, oh no. But the most adorable hairless rat that ever walked the planet. She's 5 weeks old, and she's been bitten by a bigger rat and her little foot is all swollen. She'll need antibiotics, or she'll surely die. The pet store, of course, can't be bothered to do anything for her other than separate her out from the rat that bit her. So Mom brings her to me.

Because I love rats. And I'm a sucker.

While I was holding her, the name "Lucille" sprang to mind and didn't leave. Her name is Lucille. She's going to the vet this afternoon at 5 p.m.

My Little Lucille

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