Thursday, October 31, 2013

Get Out of My Funk Plan

Crazy Mama Runner has said she's been in a funk lately, and her plan to fight this is to blog every day in November (her birthday month, too!) about something she's thankful for. I dig it, so I'm going to give it a shot, too. Here's her blog.

Tomorrow begins November, my favorite month of the year. I'm turning 26 *ahem* on the 17th and my half marathon training is kicked up a notch.. like 5 running days a week kicked up. I'm scared. Not by the running, but by my lack of motivation on days I work. I know I can do it, though, and I need to prove this to myself. I'm not going to talk big and bad ass about this, until I've done it. I've made too many vows and set myself up too many times that I didn't follow through. But I've got two half marathons to train for now! 

So lets go. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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