Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And Today Brings Us To The Beginning Of Half Marathon Training

This whole thing is making me nervous. Not the running itself, exactly, but the lack of motivation I've had lately. I keep asking myself these questions:

1) Do you want to run?
2) Do you want to run a half marathon?
3) Do you want to lose the 10 15lbs you've gained lately?
4) Do you want to quit picking up the cigarettes?
5) Do you want to prove wrong that voice in your head that says, "You can't do this", and won't shut up?
6) Do you want to get back to the healthy eating business you used to love?
7) Do you want to leave the frustration, lack of motivation, and "I just don't care" behind, and
8) Get back to the fitness junkie you were not very long ago?
9) Don't you miss who you were?

I can answer these all, wholeheartedly, yes. This is how I know that half marathon training is what I need. And beginning today, this is what I'll do. Today is the beginning of the change.

Today is a 4 mile run. (Follow my half-marathon training schedule!)

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