Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wasp Noshing

As many of you know, I have three dogs. Lillie Bean (whom you've heard about in this blog, my Problem Child), Dingo Muttley (my crotchety geezer that I've had for eleven years and is the Love of My Life), and Savannah Spindles (Death Row Dog turned Soul Dog). You'll hear more about all of them as this blog goes on.

My Savannah girl is the sweetest thing you could ever hope to meet (33lb Boxer mix) and doesn't have a mean thought in her hollow little head. Sometimes, she doesn't have a smart thought in her little head, either. She's very sensitive, kind of strangely so. For example, I killed a beetle in my bathroom - just a little tiny bug that honestly wasn't hurting anyone...

I'll toss in here that I am terrified of beetles, absolutely terrified.

So when I killed this beetle, I did so violently and with malice. (Read: jumping on it in terror, screaming like a little girl.) I turned around after my temper tantrum to see Savannah (sometimes also known as "Sister") standing in the bathroom doorway with this... look... on her pretty little face. A look of disappointment and sadness. Seriously. I clearly heard her say, "Mommy, you didn't have to do that." Ok, not out loud, but I heard it in my head! I felt awful!!

Anyway, today I let my furbrats out to do their business. Beanie and Dingo came back in and Savannah refused, opting to sunbathe instead. A few minutes later I go to let her in and I see her nosing a wasp that was walking across the sidewalk (I don't know if it couldn't fly or was taunting her, or what). I told her to get her little ass back in the house and leave that bug alone. Surprisingly she listened before it got sick of her drippy schnoz and stung said schnoz. I'm relatively certain that my little chow hound (this dog has also chewed open a can of catfood, earning her the title of "Goat Dog") Savannah was going to eat it. Wouldn't that have made an exciting blog post!

The purpose of this post is just to post and share a non-running moment in my totally exciting life.

Here's my BabyGirl Savannah:

Isn't she just the prettiest little girl?! Innocent, too!

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