Thursday, September 19, 2013

"This Running Thing Is A Bit Out Of Hand. Don't Ya Think?"

I got this email two nights ago. The answer is "no". Definitely no.

My sock fetish, on the other hand, IS getting out of hand. Here is my Wish List from Sock Dreams to give you an idea.


Now here's the reason for this post: I've registered for the Mustache Dash taking place in November. I have to choose my socks. So I ask you, do I want pink or brown argyle mustache socks?

As you see, this is urgent! I need opinions. I love them both, equally! The rest of my outfit will depend on sock choice - you see, everything revolves around socks.

Please! Help me choose!


Lisa said...

aw man! Those are so darn cute!!

Chelle Shock said...

I am such a sock junkie. It's bordering on a sickness, lol

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