Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SOS Race for Freedom

I didn't forget to blog about this race (ok, I did, but I remember now!), although I did mention it here. September 7th was the very first 5k I ran alone. I was scared. This race was for prevention of human trafficking. I've seen horror movies like this (first coming to mind being Hostel.. Also Shuttle) but it happens in Kansas? Indeed. Definitely a worthy cause, if you ask me. Turnout was 771 people (yes, Seven Hundred and Seventy One). Not too shabby.

I felt a little self conscious when I first got there, and had to park on the next continent, but it was a great run with great people supporting a great cause, and I got tons of compliments on my red sparkle skirt - which means these great people had great taste, too! This race was a PR (33:13) until the PACE Race (32:31). And I'll be doing both again next year. Only next year, I'll be much faster.

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