Thursday, September 12, 2013

AT&T I :: Chelle 0

I've been absent because of a fight with my internet company. They won. I'm back now, though!

Hi. Not a lot has changed in my absence, I see. I've been visiting a few running blogs that are listed on a Facebook group I was invited to join. I see differences between them and this one. They actually seem to know what they're talking about. Yeah. You won't get that here. I'm wingin' it. This is ok, though! Knowing there are people out there that have a clue, takes the pressure off of me to have one :)

Anyway, I did my first 5k - by myself - last Saturday and set a new PR of 33:13! (I hear you speed demons snickering!) My Soul Sister was out of town and so I signed up alone. It sucked. It was hot, I hadn't run in a week, I was nervous about being alone and felt like a total 'tard. Then, I briefly talked to a chick that had a matching skirt, and another chick told me I "rocked" the skirt. THEN heard my name called at the Finish Line and got a glimpse of the timer to read "33:13". THEN a guy of about 15-18 told me, "they should have an outfit contest".

Yeah. This was a good experience. I'm ready to sign up again!

How about you? Any First-Race-Alone experiences?

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