Friday, August 9, 2013

Runner's Savings Account

Awhile back, while stalking running blogs, I ran across this post from Lace & Race and was given the awesome idea of paying myself for every mile I run. This is great! So here are my rules (and I stole a few of  Michelle Marie's):

1) I'll pay myself $1 for every mile I run, and will pay myself every payday, on the day (this varies which days at my job but is approximately every 2 weeks)

2) I will pay myself $2 for every mile I run BEFORE EIGHT a.m.

3) I will pay myself $3 for every mile I run in a race this year.

4) If I get honked at, cat-called or whistled at, $4.

5) If I stop during a run for a potty break, $5.

6) If I obtain any Battle Wounds during running/biking, $5 per wound.

7) If I puke during or within 20 minutes after a run (which is usually when the nausea hits), $10.

Added Rules:

8) I'll pay myself $.25 for every mile I bike - I figure this will add up pretty quick.

If you have any rule suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

I started this plan on 3/11/13, and I'm adding a counter to my sidebar, just to show how much longer I've gotta go! 

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