Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bean Update, Tulsa Glow Run, & 1/2 Marathon Training

Here's the scoop on my Little Lillie Bean: She went to the doctor at K-State for an MRI of her little brain, and while we were there, the vets decided they thought it wasn't neurological at all, but instead musculoskeletal based on the pain in her right hindquarter. They did a few x-rays of the area, and found some demineralization of her spine and hip indicating a degenerative disk disease. She also had a shadowed area on the x-ray along side her spine that at that point they were unable to determine what it was. They suggested a CT of her hip and spine. Now, the emergency vet here was very adamant that she needed the MRI of her head, so I encouraged the K-State vets to talk to her and discuss whether there was still a need for the MRI or not, although I was pushing to have it done. I also asked them to aspirate a couple little lumps that Beanie has on her tummy and flank. So to make a long story short, ultimately, Beanie had hip/spine x-rays, a lung x-ray, a hip/spine CT scan, an MRI of her head, and biopsies of two little lumps that she's had for quite awhile (and our regular vet told us to watch to make sure they didn't grow - they haven't grown).

Results of tests: Degenerative Disk Disease with an exposed spinal nerve, an epithelial cancer, and a mast cell tumor (both epithelial cancer and mast cell tumors are the little lumps I requested biopsied). Her lung x-ray is perfectly clear, and her brain MRI is perfectly clear.

Conclusion: Beanie needs surgery to fix some of the pain in her hip and spine, and she also needs a surgery to remove the lumps. The vet stated that she is "perfectly comfortable" with postponing those surgeries for a short time due to the amount of money I just spent on this little creature. She also thinks that maybe Beanie won't need the hip surgery after 6-8 weeks of cage rest. She has to have the lumps off anyway, I'd rather have her hip done at the same time, because I believe it'll become an issue later if it's not taken care of now anyway.

Don't ask how much I spent.. Let's just say I really, really, really love my furbabies!

Last night was the Tulsa Glow Run! It wasn't as great as the KC Electric Run, but for the most part I still enjoyed it. Something like 7,000 people registered for the Glow Run while there was only about 5,000 at the Electric Run. Some work needs to be done about the organization of the Glow Run, that was the biggest issue with it. At the halfway point, they had run out of water by the time my wave got there, which was annoying because it was H.O.T. There were more walkers than runners, and they were spread out throughout the race, and sometimes across the lane, slowing and often stopping those who wanted to run through (like me!) It was incredibly crowded, stifling hot (not the organizers fault, of course), everyone was grouchy and dehydrated. I was a bit peeved too, and I'm not certain I would register for another one, at least not in Tulsa. Well, at least not in Tulsa in the heat, anyway.

Half marathon training hasn't gone quite like the schedule; I missed the 19th and the 22nd. In my defense, though, instead of running 1 mile on the 21st, 22nd, and 24th, I instead ran 3mi, 6mi, and 3mi. Huzzah!

Next up? September 7th, SOS Race for Freedom.

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