Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'll See You All At My Intervention

It has become a sickness of epic proportions. Socks. I adore socks. I may need a second job to support my sock habit.

Allow me to begin at the beginning. When I ran my first 5k with Ragin' Ragan, we got these socks from Joy of Socks. We received compliments on them during and after the race and I must say that I truly love these socks. They fit me perfectly, stayed up perfectly during the race, and I decided I would always sing the praises of Joy of Socks. And free shipping on even just one pair!

Two weeks later when we ran the Firecracker 5k, we purchased these socks, also from Joy of Socks. These socks are specifically listed under the "Athletic Knee Socks" link and were a bit too big for me (I wear a shoe size of 5 1/2 or 6). They still stayed up perfectly during the race (which was a Personal Record for both of us, by the way!) and were very comfortable. They were just a bit big around my feet and ankles. I would size down ordering the athletic socks. Still a win for Joy of Socks in my book!

Now, you see, we're planning another race,  the Electric Run and I'm SO conflicted on my sock choices for this one. If you're not a sock FANATIC, you may want to turn your head now because you're about to be bombarded with sock pictures, links, and if you could hear me over the 'net - my squeals of delight.

This could turn into the longest post on the planet. Keep going.

So where were we? Ah, yes. My sock fetish.

First, we have Bright Athletic Tube Socks:

Which I want so bad I can practically taste them in all their acrylic and nylon glory. A pair in each color, in fact. They're just.. not.. quite.. perfect for this race.

Secondly, Solid Color Sports Socks which have a fantastic array of color options, the Scarlet Red being my favorite. Again, though, they're just not quite right for the Electric Run.

Oh my gawd! Don't click this link. I want EVERY sock on the page! Top choice?
Neon Pink/Black Zebra!

It's a sickness. A SICKNESS, I tell you!

Purple/Neon Lime Green! Couldn't you just swoon?! I decided against a Superhero Run this coming weekend and now I wish I'd seen these socks first!
I mean really now. I could have gone as the Joker! These socks are a must-have. I will be getting them soon, and I will tell you all about it.

How about Neon Stripes? These socks are cheap, have many variations, the colors aren't quite as bright (if you tone it down a bit), and my favorite is the Black/Blue/Yellow/Pink Skinny Stripe:
I'd wear these socks every damn day. Take a look at Socks4Life, it looks like they have TONS of goodies.

Socks are a beautiful thing. And I may have found my Soul Sock HERE. Squeal!

Bumble Bee Socks, Zebra Safari, Cosmic Swirl, Candy Stripe Cyclone!

Pink Plaid Breast Cancer Awareness Socks! I WILL have these socks for our Race for the Cure 5k! These are just awesome!
See? A sock for every occasion.

You should see my sock drawer. I probably have a sock for every day of the year. My Grandma buys me socks every Xmas and most of the time they're knee high stripes, which are my absolute favorite. As I've lost weight and my legs have muscled up a bit (thank you running!) even socks are beginning to look better on me. Big win for a sock lover!

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