Friday, August 31, 2012

Not Yet the WORST Idea I've Ever Had [Week 2 : Day 2]

Although, I wouldn't yet say it's the best, either. I just got home from the 2nd day of Week 2, and I'm actually starting to look forward to these days. No kidding. I know, right?!

I know I should have done it in the first place - buy running shoes - but honestly I wasn't sure I'd stick with it. (I know, I know, I said I would, I just wasn't entirely convinced myself.) I am going to stick with it. As I said previously, I thought I may have to repeat a day or two or all of Week 1. I didn't, though, and I was pretty surprised to find that Week 2 has felt easier than the first so far. I'm pretty stoked. So it's new shoes this weekend! (Which always makes for a happy girl!)

I'm going to have company all weekend, from Saturday morning until Tuesday morning, and the schedule's kinda up in the air aside from knowing we're heading to Nebraska on Sunday. I'm not certain if I'll make my Day 3 this week on Sunday, which it's scheduled, or Monday.. and whichever I do it on, I won't likely be on to blog - but rest assured, I'll keep you posted.


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